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Latvian paragliding club “Wings” was established in June 2003. At that time we were few enthusiasts willing to do flying but without any experience at all so paragliding seemed to be the only realistic way to fulfill our dreams. During these years we have hopefully learned something and our passion for free flight has only grown.

We are a club of qualified pilots – we do not teach people to fly. We can help students to master basic ground handling but to become a pilot you must find a school. Of course we are always happy to help with contacts.

In Latvia there two sites where we can fly in dynamic lift if conditions are right (but they rarely are to be honest). There are some slopes where beginners can get their first tens of seconds of airtime but in general Latvia is hopelessly flatland country with its highest “summit” barely above 300m ASL so we mainly do our flights using winch tow. This is another reason why we want our newcomers to be fairly qualified pilots.

So far our longest XC flights are quite modest but we are trying and hope to achieve better results during next season. Finances and time permitting we try to participate in as many World Paragliding Accuracy Championships events as possible. Last year we went to three events in Lithuania, Italy and Slovenia and plan to manage at least this much for the next season.



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